EMIWAY – SUPERHIT Lyrics in English

By | April 9, 2020

Superhit Song Lyrics Emiway Bantai is a Latest Hindi Rap song. Emiway Bantai sings the song “Superhit”. Superhit video song featuring Emiway Bantai and the song from Superhit Album. Music of the song given by Juankobeatsoff and Superhit lyrics written by Emiway Bantai.

Me and my people

Problem for everyone


They criticize me and follow my footstep

They wanna diss me for fame

If you keep hating how you gonna dill your plate?

My Dads a businessman that’s how I learned to be a boss

I am doing my own job sincerely

When I was grinding my way up they all were

Watching from Distance

Their views are fake

From video shoots to audio recordings

I finish everything in one take

Never took break

Mashaallah (by gods grace)

Ill keep on going like this,Learning from mistakes

I wake and bake

Iam blessed today

Boy save your career

Don’t mess with me

I’m not giving my place to anyone

Like Messi my flow is sprints

Mint in my mouth

Yes I’m kiss ready

temperature heating up I’m very sweaty

Where is my teddy

Where is my teddy

asking my lady

actually she’s my baby

Maybe I’m not gonna marry

coz I’m already married to music

Music God this side

It’s a musical thought

Caught the frauds on the spot

My songs playing,we getting viral

I’m super lit

Rest of these sweet soft candy boys running

behind their sugar daddies

Still m played everywhere coz I’m Superhit

keep goin

I’m Super hit, super hit

keep goin

I’m Super hit, super hit

keep goin

I’m Super hit, super hit

keep goin

Hey you

Keep goin

In the start when I was thinking to start rapping

My parents wanted me to become a doctor

But wasn’t smart anymore in studies

Till 10th was studying seriously

Then parents stopped bothering

they thought I’m studying

instead I was checking some beats on Audacity

I rapped, recorded and uploaded it on Youtube

Never cared about views was consistently working

I’ve put too many tracks out

Equivalent to 10 albums

Show me one rapper from India who worked this hard

Did Rap Music,Club Music,Trap Music,Chop Music

Did every types of song

coz i’m versatile

This is my style

They copy me and think that it’s their time

Their songs that got famous also have my rhymes

I styled myself,Bought clothes from the streets

Still use to have smile on my face in my videos

on shoots didn’t have money to buy water

Wanted to get signed

Was trying and crying alone

Nobody was giving me a chance

but there was someone from above (GOD)

taking care of me

Thanks to him that today I’m giving y’all this knowledge

Don’t stop me

I’ve come here to openly teach everyone


I missed it

its ok

Once in a while it’s ok to make mistakes

my people forgive me

ok I accept my mistake

coz even I’m a human

coz even I’m a human

Yall already know it

They don’t know shit

Yall already know it

let’s take em all

seems your charged today

yes listen

Your father is standing here in the game

I’m the devil in this rap game

Looks so hard you cannot forget monster of diss game

Even expensive in commercial work nothing cheap

They pick up any work coz they can’t see other ways

They pick up any work coz they can’t see other ways

If you don’t believe in yourself then how you’ve come

this far ever thought about it ?

If I start talking then

every word will hit you

If I start talking then every word will hit you

I seem like a poet sometimes

you should come witness my session

Everybody can’t rap loudly

I own it when it comes to rapping loudly

Rest these kids rap tired on mic about me

they deserve to be whacked

Without any doubt Ill say it

Whoever coming in my way getting whooped

I’m waking up by noon buzz off

I’m not going anywhere before whooping all of their as*es

I’ve got a lot of songs

All these rappers crying with jealous

Earning little and they thinking they’ve become big

Stop before pointing fingers on others

get on your knees you copying my slangs

little bit of their own style but copying the rest

Don’t know where they are heading in their life

They don’t do what they want

they kept step daddy to guide them

Go listen to your step dad

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